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Pay rates and/or Government rent for the January to March quarter 2022 by January 31

The demand notes for rates and Government rent of this quarter have been posted. If payers have not received the demand notes, please contact the Department by email ( / fax (2152 0138) / phone (2152 0111).

Payers can also obtain Replacement Demand by post to local correspondence address or check account balance through the Department’s Account Enquiries and obtain a “payment QR code” or “FPS payment code” for making payment.

Announcement in Public Interest – Pay January to March Quarterly Rates and/or Government Rent

This quarter’s demand notes for rates and Government rent have been posted.

The rates concession has already been reflected but there is no concession for Government rent.

Remember to pay by January 31 or you’ll have to pay a surcharge.

If you haven't received the demand note please call the Rating and Valuation Department on 2152 0111.

To receive the bill in a convenient and environmentally friendly way register for the eRVD Bill Service at the department’s website.