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Guidance Notes for Candidates of Basic Law Test

Valuation Officer Recruitment Exercise

Guidance Notes for Candidates of “Basic Law Test” (“BLT”) to be held on the interview day

Important Points

  1. Where changes to the test arrangement are required, announcement will be made on this page. Please visit this page again one day before your scheduled test date.
  2. Starting and Finishing Time of the BLT : as advised in the letter of invitation (the letter) to individual candidates.
  3. The BLT will only be held on the scheduled date and time. The Presiding Invigilator may refuse to admit any candidate who has gone to the Testing Centre on a wrong date and time. You MUST take the examination at the time and place specified in the letter.
  4. Format and sample questions of the BLT are available on this homepage.

Before the BLT

  1. If you have fever and/or respiratory symptoms, such as cough and running nose, you should bring masks with you and wear one whenever you are within the centre premises.
  2. You should arrive at the test centre punctually according to the time stated in the letter.
  3. You MUST bring to the test centre:

    1. Your Hong Kong Identity Card (or Passport if Passport No. is reported in the application form) AND the letter for identity verification. Candidates who fail to produce such proof of identity may not be allowed to take the test; and
    2. Your own stationery, i.e. HB pencils and rubbers. Stationery will not be supplied at the centre.
  4. You are also advised to bring a watch and other personal belongings that you may require, e.g. an overcoat, to the examination centre.

During the BLT

  1. After the start of the paper, you are NOT allowed to leave the test centre until the end of the BLT. If you need to leave early for special reasons, you are required to seek permission from the Presiding Invigilator and provide a written explanation.
  2. Only necessary and permitted stationery can be put on the desk. All other personal belongings, such as books, dictionaries, notes, papers, notebooks, mobile phones/pagers must be put under your chair. The mobile phones must not be covered by anything and can be clearly seen by the invigilators. You are advised to bring with you a small bag to store your personal belongings. You must NOT put any unauthoized articles (including mobile phones) on/in your desk, on your body or in your pockets during the BLT. Otherwise, you may be disqualified. You are therefore advised to bring only the necessary and permitted stationery to the test centre. The Rating and Valuation Department assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to your personal belongings.
  3. Mobile phones, pagers or articles that can emit sound MUST be switched off throughout the BLT. Otherwise, you may be disqualified.
  4. If you need to go to the washroom during the BLT, you should request an invigilator to accompany you and you must NOT carry any pager, mobile phone, question book, answer sheet or paper to the washroom. The invigilator will record your seat number and the time taken for going to the washroom.
  5. You must NOT turn over the pages of the question book and start working until you are instructed to do so.
  6. You must NOT leave your answer sheet in such a position that other candidates can see your answers.
  7. You should mark the answers on the multiple-choice answer sheet provided. Answers written in the question book will NOT be marked.
  8. When the announcement : “Time is up. Put down your pencils …” is made, you should follow the instruction and stop writing immediately. If at that time you discover that you have not filled in your name, seat number or the number of the identify document, wait until the invigilator comes to your seat and ask for permission to fill in the relevant information.
  9. You should listen very carefully and follow the instructions given by the Presiding Invigilator. Candidates who violate the instructions given by the Presiding Invigilator or the rules set out in these Guidance Notes, or act dishonestly in any way during the BLT, are LIABLE TO BEING DISQUALIFIED.

Proper Ways of Filling in Multiple-choice Answer Sheets

  1. The answer sheet is in multiple-choice format. Failure to follow the instructions below may result in NO MARKS given to you.
  2. Before going to the questions, you have to write down the following particulars on the answer sheet as instructed by the Presiding Invigilator:

    Name : Your full name in English and in block letters.
    Passport No. OR HKID No : Put down your HKID No. (or Passport No. if it is reported in the application form). The number of your identity document reported in the application is shown in the letter.
    Date : The date of the BLT.
    Seat No. : Enter the two digit seat number. Your seat number for the BLT is shown on the table.
    Paper No. : The Paper No. is shown on the front page of your question book.
  3. You must use an HB pencil to mark your answers. Fill in the answer boxes in the same way as the example shown below. Erase wrong answers thoroughly with a clean rubber and do not fold the answer sheet.

      A B C D
  4. You will score no marks for marking two or more answers to the same question.
  5. As you fill in an answer, check to see that you are answering the right question. Any requests for amend the answers made outside the test time will NOT be entertained.

After the Examination

  1. You must remain seated until you are asked to leave by the Presiding Invigilator.
  2. You are strictly forbidden to take away any question book, answer sheet or paper, whether used or unused, out of the test centre.

Test Results

  1. The results of the BLT will be issued by post about one month after the BLT. BLT results are of permanent validity. Appeals should be made in writing which should be sent by post/by hand to the Establishment and Appointments Section of the Rating and Valuation Department at 18/F, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon or by fax to 2152 0128 within one week from the date of result notification. Late submissions will not be entertained.

Typhoon/Rainstorm Signal

  1. As a general rule, the examination will be held as scheduled when typhoon signal No. 3 or lower, and/or rainstorm signal “Amber” or “Red” is issued. It will be postponed when typhoon signal No. 8 or above, or rainstorm signal “Black” is issued.


  1. The “BLT” is held independent of the recruitment process for any civil service post. Persons who wish to apply for civil service vacancies should apply to the recruiting grades/departments direct. The acquisition of the BLT results does not imply that a candidate has fully met the entry requirements of any civil service post.
  2. Parking facilities will not be provided for candidates at the test centre.
  3. Smoking in all areas within the centre premises is prohibited.

21 November 2019