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Account Enquiries

(1) For enquiry of balance of a specific rates and/or Government rent account (Free Service)

To facilitate your payment of the outstanding rates and/or Government rent, you may check the balance of a specific account by using the Account Enquiry service.

Account Enquiry

Alternatively, please call RVD’s 24-hour Automated Telephone Enquiry Service 2152 2152.

You need to input the 15-digit Account Number printed on the top left-hand corner of the rates and/or Government rent demand for using the above 2 services.

Please note that the outstanding balance reflected in this enquiry may NOT include all the outstanding balances pertaining to the property that has more than one account.

(2) For comprehensive check on the overall outstanding rates and Government rent balance of a property (Chargeable Service)

You are strongly advised to perform a comprehensive check on the property's overall outstanding rates and Government rent of a property before buying the property because there may be different rates and/or Government rent accounts pertaining to the same property at various periods of time. You can obtain such information at a charge of $20 for each property record via the "Enquiry on Rates and/or Government Rent Account" service on the Property Information Online.

Property Information Online

Alternatively, you can complete Form RVD1009 at a charge of $81 for each property. Please return the form together with a cheque for the service charge to RVD by post or in person. A reply will normally be issued within 10 days.

Download application form RVD1009 – Rates and/or Government Rent Account Enquiry Form (pdf file)

This enquiry service only provides information on outstanding rates and Government rent relating to a property [ Sample of enquiry result (jpg file) ]. For enquiries on other account information, please contact us on 2152 0111 or email to

Please note that if the Government rent, including that accrued before change of ownership, is not paid, the Government is entitled to take back the property under the Government Rights (Re-entry and Vesting Remedies) Ordinance (Cap. 126). You will incur extra costs to get the property back.