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Rates and Government Rent

Property Rates in Hong Kong

This book covers all facets of property rates and Government rent assessment, collection and administration, and is intended to be a reference for those wishing to learn more about rating valuation in general and the Hong Kong rating system in particular.
The History of Rates in Hong Kong

This book traces the origin of rates, the early and on‐going development of the rating system.

At $228 per copy, the book can be purchased from the Publications Sales Unit of the Information Services Department (ISD) at 2537 1910. You can also download the order form from the ISD website at and submit it by fax to 2523 7195 or by e-mail at

Regulated Tenancies of Subdivided Unit



Names of Buildings

“Names of Buildings” is updated quarterly to include names, addresses and years of completions of buildings in Hong Kong. The building list is by no means exhaustive but every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of this publication.

About Rating and Valuation Department

Rating and Valuation Department – Chronology of Events

The content covered main events concerning rating in Hong Kong, as well as certain events mainly about Hong Kong, and some others which affected Hong Kong or attracted its attention.


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