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Performance Pledge

Performance Pledge 2021-22

Services Pledged

This performance pledge covers the major functions of the Department which involve the public, namely : Enquiry Service, Rates & Government Rent Assessments and Accounts, Property Information, as well as Landlord and Tenant Services.

We are committed to delivering quality customer service. Enquiry service will be provided immediately to callers visiting our office or telephoning us during our operating hours.

To communicate with us, please choose any of the following options :

Enquiry Telephone Fax
General Enquiry 2152 0111 2152 0123
General Revaluation 2152 0111
Rates and Government Rent Accounts 2152 0111 2152 0113
Landlord and Tenant Matters 2152 0111 2152 0115
24-hour Automated Telephone Enquiry Service 2152 2152
Property Information Online
Enquiry :

2150 8836
E-mail Address :
Customer Service Officer 2150 8833 2152 0138
E-mail Addresses
Internet Homepage
Performance Pledge 2021-22 (pdf)