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Performance Pledge

Performance Pledge 2021-22

Service Highlight in 2021-22

  1. Property Information Online (PIO)
    Listed below is a summary of the services available on the PIO platform:
    • Enquiry on saleable area, age and permitted occupation purposes of domestic properties (excluding village type houses).
    • Public inspection of the newly declared Valuation List and Government Rent Roll. (Information will be displayed online after the declaration of the Valuation List and Government Rent Roll in mid-March and up to 31 May every year.)
    • Enquiry on rateable values contained in the Valuation Lists and/or Government Rent Rolls for the latest 3 years of assessment.
    • Enquiry on rates and/or Government rent accounts.
    • Enquiry on saleable area and age for individual rates or Government rent payers of domestic properties (excluding village type houses).
    We will further explore the possibility of collaboration with other Government departments with a view to improving our online service.
  2. Electronic Submission of Forms and Notices
    We accept electronic submissions of statutory forms and notices required to be served under the Rating Ordinance, the Government Rent (Assessment and Collection) Ordinance and the Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance.

    As a convenient alternative to the conventional mode of serving a form by post or in person, this electronic mode of service has further been expanded since November 2018 to provide a web accessible and mobile-friendly design. Detailed information on “Electronic Submission of Forms” is available on our Homepage at Enquiries may also be made to us on 2152 0111.
  3. Consolidated Billing and Payment Service
    All payers with multiple properties may apply to us for a consolidated bill which lists the quarterly demand for each individual property, thus saving the trouble of receiving and paying individual bills for a number of properties every quarter.

    About 2 100 consolidated accounts involving some 150 000 individual property accounts have now been set up. This service will continue to be expanded to meet the needs of payers with multiple properties.
  4. Electronic Demand for Rates and Government Rent Service
    Registered users can log on eRVD Bill system to use a wide range of services: retrieve and download their electronic demands, view payment history, update correspondence addresses, receive notification messages about the issue of “Requisition for Particulars of Tenements” and utilize the hyperlink to submit information electronically. Consolidated accounts may also be applied and updated online. Notification messages will be sent to the registered users informing the issue of an electronic demand and reminding users to pay on or before the due date. By receiving electronic demands, there would be no delay or mail loss due to postage and it can also help support environmental protection. Payers who have to settle multiple eBills can pay their demands in one single transaction through the eRVD Bill system. We will continue to expand the service to meet the needs of payers. For detailed information about the service, please visit our Homepage at or call 2152 0111.
  5. Electronic Payment Channels for Settling Rates and Government Rent
    We offer a variety of electronic channels for fast and convenient payment of rates and Government rent. Payers can make payment quickly by using any supporting mobile banking applications or stored value facilities to scan the FPS payment codes on the quarterly demands or available at our online Account Enquiries Service. The FPS service was extended to first demands in September 2020. Other time-saving and convenient means of electronic payment channels include the PPS, internet banking payment service and e-Cheque/e-Cashier’s Orders. Payers can also obtain a “payment QR code” from our online Account Enquiries Service for making payment at post offices and convenience stores.
Performance Pledge 2021-22 (pdf)