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Performance Pledge

Performance Pledge 2021-22

The Public’s Role

  1. Paying Rates and/or Government Rent by the Due Date
    You must pay rates and/or Government rent by the due date.  Otherwise, surcharge for late payment will be imposed.
  2. Lodging Returns and Documents within Specified Time
    To enable us to carry out our statutory duties efficiently, you must provide us with complete and accurate information on our requisition forms/documents within the specified time.
  3. Keeping RVD Informed
    If there is any need to change the rates and/or Government rent payer’s name and/or address, you should fill in and submit an electronic form or reply slip as follows or notify us in writing:
    Form / Reply Slip Hypertext Link on RVD Homepage
    Electronic Form
    (i) Online Service – “Change of Payer’s Particulars” (e-form) Please click “Change of Payer’s Particulars” under “Billing and Payment” of our Homepage (
    (ii) Form RVD 1006 – “Notification of Change in Rates and/or Government Rent Payer’s Particulars” Please click “Forms-Billing and Payment” under “Billing and Payment” of our Homepage (
    Reply Slip
    (iii) Reply slip at the back of the “Demand for Rates and/or Government Rent”. Not applicable.
  4. Making Suggestions, Comments or Complaints
    If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints on the services we provide and the way in which these services should be delivered, please address them to the Commissioner at:

    Rating and Valuation Department
    15th Floor, Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices
    303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon

    Alternatively, you can write to, or telephone our Customer Service Officer on 2150 8833 to give your suggestions and comments or to lodge a complaint (e-mail : or
  5. Completing a Questionnaire
    To obtain feedback on our service standards, questionnaires are enclosed randomly with our reply letters to members of the public.  These questionnaires are also made available to callers at our Enquiry Counter. Please feel free to complete a questionnaire in order to help us improve our service.
Performance Pledge 2021-22 (pdf)